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Rude cashier giant Taiping


We can’t hold it in any more. 18 January was our last day to visit giant Taiping. We will never shop there again.  This was due to bad experience we had with the fat cashier girl at counter 15 on duty at 12:30 pm.

We bought some groceries. Approaching counter 15 we already suspected something with that booth. There was goods scattered around on the chocolate rack?

When its our turn. The fat cashier girl turn down a pack of Kaffir lime leaves. No barcode she said. So we pause and look at her. But she didn’t do anything.

We’re frequent visitors at giant hypermarket since 2008 when we lived in Sandakan, we visited giant every weekend to resupply. After being transferred to Taiping earlier this year we decided to continue to shop at giant.

When facing this type of situation the cashier would ask an assistant from that respected department to assist the cashier and the customer.

This clearly shows that fat cashier girl is downright LAZY!

Since this fat cashier girl put aside our goods. My husband took the leaves and went to the greenery department to price the item. 

During his absent , the fat cashier girl started mumbling and ogling me scornfully.

When my husband returned with the priced leaves she scanned and told us the total.  We paid, she returned the changes without eye contact and thanking the customer -another breach of giant SOP, and move to the next customer without offering us plastic bag, intentionally. Even though its Saturday cashier would offer plastic bag if the groceries bought aplenty and of course the customer have to pay 20 cent on that day.

It’s crystal clear now that she wasn’t just LAZY yet RUDE!

Since she already started with the next customer we don’t want to create any drama. We load all our things inside our 3.5 months old baby’s stroller.  it’s sad to see our baby’s eyes twinkling between those groceries.

That was our FIRST AND LAST shopping trip to giant Taiping after all we’re not in Sandakan anymore in Taiping we got tesco, the store and a bunch other to choose from :).


One comment on “Rude cashier giant Taiping

    June 19, 2014

    Kalau free gift belum sampai,tolong jangan keluarkan buku promotion kata ada free gift!!!!Apabila kita pergi beli tapi pergi customer servis nak ambil free gift tapi tak ada,itu perasa bagi kita terasa bagi orang tipu tau!!!! Dan juga di buku promotion punya harga juga tak sama!!!!! Tolong jangan buat macam ini lagi!!!!

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